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Like a boss

It’s all about who you know – and we know the right people. MPW works with some of the largest agencies and brands, connecting them directly to some of the most iconic destinations on the web. We’re the world’s first full-service agency dedicated to sales management for publishers.

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We’re not a technology company. We’re not a network. Think of us as a premium marketplace for your brands, curating inventory based on your needs. We provide a unique hands-on approach for advertisers to connect directly to publisher supply through programmatic and direct pipes, whether it’s a high impact sponsorship or a simple PMP. Our goal is to provide media buyers with an efficient path to media that is brand-safe and fully transparent.

The MPW team is experienced and knows how to bring unique demand opportunities to their clients. We have been working with them for years and have executed on multiple 7-figure opportunities they have generated for us. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.

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Welcome to the MPW Rolodex (remember those?)
Tear up your little black book. We have what you need and even some of what you didn’t know you needed.

Advertisers need inventory. Publishers need advertisers. Everybody needs revenue. We have it all. It’s a party and you’re invited.

Incomprehensible Strategy.

We have extensive industry experience. MPW helps publishers build out their programmatic ad strategy. Through private marketplace deals, agency direct contracts, and header bidding (now powered by Freestar).
Challenge us.
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Actual Options

Actual Options

Unique Access to inventory, that is not available in the open auction for one reason or another. Purchased programmatically through your existing DSP and SSP setups.

Maybe you have Political, Marijuana, Gambling, or Crypto ads? Some may require publisher approval.
We can help.

White-Glove Service; Shoe-String Budget

We have the ability to hand-select targeted inventory by content or audiences. We are able to aggregate content in a number of unique ways. Maybe you need Spanish language channels, Millennial “Female”, Sports, News, or Chinese Language channels?
We provide you with the ability to connect in a variety of ways.
Across verticals, formats, and platforms…at scale. Quite literally across hundreds of publisher groups and thousands of channels.
You tell us what you need. We make the magic happen. We are real people, making logical decisions. It’s part of what makes us different. People dig it.

Still not seeing what you're looking for?

We feel the same way. We want to meet you too. You can do the things old-fashioned way or you can skip to the head of the line.

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About Us

You may be able to tell that we are just regular people. We are a fancy little boutique with our hats on backward. Our goal is to be real with you. We do digital advertising sales and yield optimization. We have a great portfolio of web, app, and CTV publishers.

We aren’t just set it and forget it, folks. We care about your ad strategy. We have always been a performance-based business. We don’t take on a client unless we can provide a lift in revenue, cost savings, or both.